Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Remove Virus Completely

What is Virus? is categorized as a bothersome browser hijacker browser hijacker which can easily get installed into the targeted computers without being detected by antivirus software. The reason is that security programs are designed mainly to automatically intercept and delete Trojans, worms and other malicious viruses, but the browser hijacker doesn’t fall into the virus category. When innocent computer users visit by accident, this browser hijacker can be aggressively saved into their computer hard disk. Apart from that, this virus will also disguise itself as an optional program bundled in free software packages which are likely to be downloaded from some hacked websites. Once seizes the opportunity to slip into your computer, it will make changes to your browser settings including DNS settings and other key options immediately regardless of what browser you are using. The mainstream web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are all the targets of the attack. Consequently, your homepage as well as search engine will be forcibly changed into After that, you will keep receiving all kinds of pop-up promotion ads, and you will suffer from constant redirects to a variety of unacquainted websites whenever you want to search for something useful with the corrupted search engine. What’s more, you will feel upset about the extremely slow network speed. There is no doubt that is a malicious browser hijacker which you should delete entirely as soon as it is discovered on your computer. Virus Screenshot: virus will do much harm to the infected computer:

1) can casually modify some important settings of your web browser.
2) can trigger tons of annoying pop-up ads when you are surfing online.
3) can redirect you to a variety of unwanted and malicious websites.
4) can severely slow down your computer and even cause a system crash.
5) can monitor your online activities and pilfer your personal information.
6) can introduce many other risky viruses and malware into your system.
7) can escape from your antivirus software’s detection and removal.

How to Remove Virus from your PC?

1. Restart your computer and keep pressing F8 Key before Windows launches. Use the arrow keys to select the "Safe Mode with Networking" option, and then hit ENTER Key to continue.

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time to open Windows Task Manager and end process.

3. Go to Computer Control Panel from Start menu and open Folder Options. Click View and then tick “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. Press OK.

4. Press Windows+R together to start your registry. Delete the following registry files.


5. Delete the following and related system files.

%documents and settings %\ all users\
%AllUsersProfile%\{random}.lnk Redirect Virus Removal Video:


Note: virus is rather stubborn and malicious. It requests certain computer skills when you dealing with it in manual way. Any incident action could lead your machine to a more terrible situation.

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